Some tools to help during the COVID-19 Crisis:

Zoho Remotely - A suite of products to help you and your team continue to collaborate from your separate locations. Remotley is free for 3 months

Zoho Sign - In-person visits are taboo right now so how do you get important signatures? Try Zoho Sign for free! It even integrates with your CRM

Better Business Training
We'll take a look at what you already have in place, discuss what you would like to achieve, and show you how to achieve your goals.

Software Training
We'll tailor training to your needs to ensure you get the most out of your ACT! or Zoho  software

What is Zoho ONE?

There are software providers (such as ACT!) that specialize in just one area of business operations and productivity, and then there are the companies that cover every enterprise base within one ecosystem. Zoho is in the latter category. 

ACT! doesn't suit everyone's requirements and the pricing is unstable. To offer an extremely affordable alternative to our clients, we have introduced consulting and training service on the ZOHO CRM platform and we've been so blown away by the results that we've begun implementing their other 40+ applications.

While transitioning to a new system can sometimes be painful, we've streamlined a method that gets your data migrated, processes refined, automation implemented, and users up and running smoothly. We'll even customize dashboards so you can review your ROI in real-time!

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Add-Ons & Software Solutions
If your software won't do what you need, chances are there's an add on that will! We test and recommend dozens of add-ons and can direct you to the right product.

effective contact management act! crm

What is CRM?

A CRM system used to do nothing more than store details about your contacts. We used to offer a day of training and you'd be all set until retirement.

Times have changed! Our idea of CRM has evolved to include automated marketing - a necessary part of any successful business. We can now manage automated workflows and integrate with just about any other online applications. Training your business to use your software wisely quite often involves training your business to streamline processes and workflows.

Effective Contact Management ACT! and Zoho CRM training  will turn your software into a well organized, automated centre of productivity.


Over 20 years of CRM Training Experience

Since it's beginnings in the late 1990's, our company has seen software improve exponentially. One common denominator remains: to make the most of the software, users need to be trained.

We started with local on-site workshops in 2000 and now offer training internationally using remote tools. Althugh we don't sell any particular software, our specialities include Zoho and ACT!