ACT! Add-ons

If ACT! won't do what you need, odds are there is an add-on product out there that will. We test drive the products and train users how to make the most of them. For users that are using web-based functionality, we are able to train how to use API functionality to integrate ACT! with many other programs.

We have a client who mentioned that she wanted to be able to save a Contact List view that she had customized, and bring it up quickly when she needed it. She was absolutely delighted when we provided her with exactly what she wanted.

Here are some of the ACT! add-ons we use and recommend:

Exponenciel add-ons: All kinds of useful add-ons

  • Can be used to automatically number your contacts, to make calculations between fields, to copy data between fields and records, to create instant quotes in Excel, to save your listviews, to make phone calls with MagicJack or Skype, etc.
  • SwiftPage E-mail (a.k.a. ACT! E-marketing): E-mail marketing for ACT!
  • Send great-looking personalized e-mails, newsletters, surveys etc. to specified ACT! contacts or groups. Know who to follow up with first using Swiftpage reports that tell you who opened the e-mail, how many times, and even which links were clicked on.
  • Handheld Contact: Synchronize ACT! with your phone
  • Wirelessly synchronize your BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, Pocket PC, or Treo Smartphone—It’s like having ACT! on your phone!

TopLine Results: Custom reporting and database table creation for ACT!

  • TopLine Dash: Custom reporting tool that is easy to use but extremely powerful. Centralize and organize all key activities, opportunities, histories, notes, custom tables, companies and contacts in one view. Export to Excel or a .PDF format report.
  • TopLine Designer: Custom database table creation for ACT! Easily build your own custom tables. Choose from industry-specific ready made templates.

Oak!Merge Import tool:

  • Fast easy way to get data into ACT!. Match on any field(s) to skip, add, delete or update records. Link History, Notes, Activities to top level records. Ability to run automatically.

QSalesData: QuickBooks and ACT! integration and synchronization

  • Eliminate the need for duplicate entry. Access QuickBooks data right from within ACT!.
  • Create QuickBooks invoices and quotes from ACT!.

If you would like more information on any of these products, or would like to know if there's something out there that will allow ACT! to do what you need, just call or e-mail us.