Don't know where to start? That's where we come in – literally! We'll take a look at what you've got in place at the moment, discuss what you would like to achieve, and make recommendations based on the findings. We'll help you to effectively get your ACT! together! 

We offer a wide variety of consulting services including, but not limited to: 

  • Software installation and setup
  • Database creation
  • Database customization
  • Data import from various sources including API setup
  • Database configuration for use in a multi-user environment
  • Web access (ACT! for Web) configuration
  • Database synchronization
  • Database troubleshooting

ACT! Maintenance Program

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

Not sure where this quote originated, but it just makes so much sense, and is why we are offering an ACT! maintenance program. Your ACT! database is an essential component in the everyday running of your business, and having regular maintenance performed will give you peace of mind.

Top 5 reasons to perform regular maintenance:

  • Ensure your database is backing up (properly)
  • Optimize database performance
  • Identify potential issues before they occur
  • Keep you informed on what’s going on in your database(s)
  • Minimize “Break/Fix” cost surprises

How We Can Help

As ACT! specialists we are used to being contacted “after the fact” when there is a major problem, which could possibly have been avoided with the ounce of prevention method. So to avoid this scenario, here’s what we’ll do:

  1. Make sure you database is backing up properly
  2. If no backup is currently being performed, we’ll make a backup and set up automatic backups
  3. Ensure that you have the latest build, including hotfixes, for your ACT! version
  4. Perform database diagnostics and perform any necessary repairs
  5. Compile a list of database users, both active and inactive
  6. Evaluate “messiness” of your database(s) and identify areas to be addressed
  7. Provide recommendations to deal with database messiness issues
  8. Recommend appropriate ACT! add-on products to enhance the usability and efficiency of your database
  9. Identify bad email addresses from Swiftpage reports


We’ll also provide you with a report that includes results of our findings as well as useful information such as:

Where your database(s) is located on your system (do YOU know where your database lives?)
Size of database(s), record count etc.
Size of Attachments folder
Errors encountered during database diagnostics
Steps taken to repair issues identified
Report on remote, synchronizing databases such as frequency of synchronization by user


As Platinum level resellers, we are able to offer extremely competitive pricing on ACT!.

Sharon's word

A lot of people very often dismiss training as “an extra unnecessary expense”, and opt to “muddle through” using the trial and (t)error method. I've had people attend my training sessions after using this method for months or even years, and realize that they could have saved themselves so much time (and therefore money) by learning how to use the system properly in the first place. So don't think of training as a cost, but as an investment!

Here are some phrases I’ve heard often during a training session:

"WOW! If that’s the only thing I take away from this, it would be well worth what I paid.”

“Sharon, where were you when I needed you 5 years ago?”

“I never knew how much I didn’t know about ACT!”

“My assistant has spent hours on end trying to figure that out. And I’m paying her for that time!”

Sharon Gillie
Effective Contact Management

Authorized Partner Select 2011
ACT! Platinum Certified Consultant
ACT! Premier Trainer