Sharon Gillie, ACC & APT
Sharon has been an avid ACT! user since the late 1990's, and became an ACT! Certified Consultant in August 2000 and an ACT! Premier Trainer in February 2002. Whether you need ACT! training, database creation, customization, synchronization or troubleshooting, Sharon and her team have the tools to help you succeed.

Amber Gillie, B.Sc.
Amber was introduced to ACT! in the year 2000, and began specializing in ACT! training and e-marketing for ECM in 2004. After a six year period of focusing on other specialized projects, Amber re-joined the ECM team in February 2013 and brings with her an extensive knowlege of ACT!, HTML, Social Media, Quickbooks, Excel and many other ACT! Add-On programs.

I've been consulting and training on ACT! for more than 15 years now, and I've helped hundreds of people to get more out of their ACT! system. The phrase I've heard most often is “I've been using ACT! for years and I love it but know I'm only making use of a small percentage of what it can do."

What is ACT!?

ACT! is an affordable and easy to use contact and customer management system that's a database and much, much more. It's been around for over 25 years now, and is used by companies both large and small, from all sorts of industries.

  • Easy to use contact and customer management system
  • Primarily a sales tool (everyone is selling something)
  • A database and much, much more

I have loved ACT! since I was first introduced to it, and have watched it grow and progress over the years. During my 6 years on other projects, I became the ACT! end user and saw things in a slightly different light. Having this end user experience has allowed me to develop some very successful marketing protocols with ACT! and Swiftpage e-mail. I love to show clients how they can use this affordable tool to grow their business and make their life easier.

What can ACT! do for You?

Primarily a sales tool (everyone is selling something), ACT! keeps all of the information about your contacts in one place. Contacts can be customers, future customers (prospects), suppliers, associates, co-workers, etc. So how can you keep all of these different types of contacts organized? There are lots of ways you can “slice and dice” your database so that it's orderly and easier to manage. ACT! gives you the ability to store not only basic information about your contacts, but also data that's more pertinent to your particular company and industry. With ACT!, you can

  • Store vital contact information
  • Quickly access your data 
  • Track your dealings with your contacts for future reference
  • Organize your time with the ACT! calendars
  • Slice and dice your database to maximize efficiency

Pro or premium?

ACT! comes in two “flavours”, Pro and Premium. So what's the difference, and which one is right for you? 

What’s the difference between ACT! Pro and Premium?
This question comes up a lot, and we’re always happy to shed some light and to help determine the best solution for your organization. Here’s the nutshell version, but if you’d like a more detailed overview, just give us a call and we’ll fill you in.

ACT! Pro is ideal for “one man / woman) bands” right up to hundreds of users. An ACT! database can be stored directly on an individual’s computer, or on the office network so that everyone can access it. Contact and calendar information can be shared so that everyone is “on the same page”.

ACT! Premium is a “dual” license. This means that as well as having the ability of accessing your database over the network within your office, you can also access it via the web from anywhere with an internet connection, including your smartphone or tablet. There are also a few more “bells and whistles” in the Premium version, which is why it’s called Premium!

Which Version is Right for You?
Your company’s requirements are unique, so it makes sense to find out right from the start which version will fill these requirements. We have helped many, many people make the right choice for them, and we can do the same for you. Just give us a call or drop us an e-mail.

Can I move to "The Cloud"?

There are several different options available for on and off-site ACT! hosting. Pricing starts as low as $10 US per month, up to $45 US per month per user. Allow us to give you our expert advice as to which product will best suit your needs.

Which Version should I have?

ACT! version 20 is the most current version. In order to keep up with the new trend of forced Microsoft updates, we recommend keeping your subscription up to date.

Colin Gillie, B.Sc., P.Eng.
Colin joined the ECM team in 2004, bringing with him a long history as an advanced ACT! user, as well as his in-depth knowledge of networking and its relationship to ACT!. Colin specializes in technical troubleshooting.